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As experienced attorneys ourselves, we understand the unique demands on today's high-performance attorneys. Especially as external stressors continue to mount in our modern era, attorneys are at heightened risk of alcohol abuse, mental health issues, and occupational burnout.

Designed by attorneys for attorneys, our programs are convenient and achievable for individual attorneys, and drive bottom-line results by helping lawyers achieve peak performance. 

Representative Presentations:

• American Bar Association

• Burlington County Bar Assoc. (NJ)

• Camden County Bar Assoc. (NJ)


• DRI for Life

• Louisville Bar Assoc. (KY)

• Oklahoma Bar Assoc.

• Pennsylvania Bar Assoc.-Solo & Small Firms


• University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

• Wichita Women's Bar Assoc.

• Yolo County Bar Assoc. (CA)

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Protect Your Assets

We work with law firms and other legal institutions to implement comprehensive attorney wellness initiatives tailored to your organizational needs and goals.

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Preserve Self, Maintain Wealth

Our results-oriented coaching process leads to a purposeful plan-of-action to improve business and life situations. Step back with us to examine if you have adopted the most effective strategies for personal and professional success.


Calming Connection

Build stress relief into your schedule today and get out of survival mode.
Join our supportive group of legal advocates as we explore evidence-based mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, improve focus, and more.