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As experienced attorneys ourselves, we understand the unique demands on today's high-performance attorneys. Designed by attorneys for attorneys, our programs are convenient and achievable for individual attorneys and drive bottom-line results by helping lawyers achieve peak performance. 

We work with law firms and other legal institutions to implement comprehensive attorney wellness initiatives tailored to your organizational needs and goals, such as:

  • Promoting resilience and healthy coping skills to manage stress;

  • Maintaining professional productivity and personal fulfillment; and

  • Combating the stigma of asking for help and resources when an attorney is struggling.

We are available to deliver 30-min to 3-hr mindfulness-based and other presentations on a virtual basis. We offer a number of CLE courses, including:

       •  Mindfulness as a Tool to Combat Legal Implicit Bias

       •  Substance Abuse and Lawyer Well-Being

       •  How Mental Health Issues Impact the Legal Profession

       •  How Mindfulness Can Help You Avoid Legal Burnout, Continue to Competently Perform Legal Services, & Remain Ethically Compliant​

Fee structures will be based upon services requested. Contact us today to discuss your organizational needs and goals!

Past Programs:


​       •  DRI for Life

       •  Louisville Bar Association

       •  OK Bar Association

       •  PA Bar Assoc.--Solo & Small Firms

       •  Wealth Counsel

Upcoming: Oct. 6, 2020--American Bar Association


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