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"Cynthia & Becky are excellent presenters with a personal interest and passion for the topic of mindfulness. Their programming is so worthwhile! During the webinar, they shared many hands on tips from mantras to breathing techniques. I would definitely recommend their program to any professional looking to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine!"

Susan Scheer, Scheer Immigration Law Group

"I invited Cindy and Becky to present twice to the PBA Solo and Small Firm Section. During both events, they educated the attendees on mindfulness and took them through a guided meditation. Everyone appreciated the experience. If you are looking for someone to present to your organization, or are looking for a session where you can learn about relaxation techniques, I highly recommend Cindy and Becky."

Jennifer Ellis, Chair, PBA Solo and Small Firm Section

"A big thank you to Becky and Cindy for reintroducing me to mindfulness meditation.  Even though I have had mindfulness training in the past, my practice had got a little rusty over the past few years.  After your sessions, I always feel much calmer and am glad that I attended. Keep spreading the word - the legal profession needs you!"

Mark Gallant, Attorney at Law

"Cynthia Sharp, Esq., has been a regular speaker for the Camden County Bar Association’s Continued Legal Education Committee for years.  We find Ms. Sharp very knowledgeable in Ethics and receive great feedback from our attendees on any topic she presents.  Ms. Sharp will always be invited to speak at our CLEs, and I look forward to working with her in the very near future."

Roseanne Riley, CLE Coordinator, Camden County Bar Association

"Thank you so much for leading our workshop on Mindfulness for Lawyers.  We really appreciate the effort and time you took to educate our members on how to be more mindful during the day. The tools and practice section added particular insight that everyone could take with them and use in their daily lives. Thank you again! We really appreciate it!"

Robyn Goldenberg, Esq., Interim Executive Director
Burlington County Bar Association

"The Mindfulness for Lawyers CLE was very beneficial and I highly recommend this to all attorneys."

Jeff Apell, Esq., Managing Shareholder and Real Estate Practice Leader, Posternock Apell


 "I never fail to learn something highly valuable when I exercise the good judgment to attend one of Cynthia's presentations."

Vic Indiano, Indiano Law Group

"Working with Becky is exciting, seamless, and rewarding. She is incredibly uplifting, positive, and responsive. We are so grateful to have her teach for us. We receive incredible feedback from attorneys after attending her seminars.

Her desire to educate and support attorneys in their professional and personal lives is evident, and they feel it as much as we experience it. Her radiant energy and extensive knowledge truly make a difference for attorneys completing their Continuing Legal Education requirements. Becky is a true professional, and I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from her in the future!"

Danielle Graziano, Esq., Vice President of TRTCLE

"I had the great honor and privilege of hosting Becky and her cohort, Cindy, on my company's podcast, Everything Except the Law. Becky speaks about her experience with burnout and attorney well-being with not only passion, but with a subtle eloquence that allowed our viewers to get the most out of what we were discussing—taking care of your mental health.

We discussed how to recognize burnout in your professional life, but Becky had the idea to compare how we think to take care of ourselves, with how we would take care of a child, if that child was experiencing challenging mental health issues. As a parent, we wouldn't hesitate to get our children the help they need, but when we recognize stress, anxiety, and depression in ourselves, we try to trudge on "bravely."

Becky is truly a champion of the legal profession, and a champion for mental health awareness both in and out of the legal profession. She is also an extremely gifted meditation leader!"

Nic Werker, Marketing Director at Answering Legal


"The presenters were very thorough and knowledgeable about their craft.”

Anonymous Attorney

“I think meditation is a valuable tool, but to get busy lawyers to commit to trying something new, definitely need to keep it bite sized at least in the intro. There's plenty of info on the internet but who wants to sift through it? So I really appreciated the brief intro!”

Anonymous Attorney

“I started doing meditation a few months before the pandemic and realized how helpful in all aspects of life it can be. Not just for stress, but for happiness, building relationships, feeling more etc. This session was a reminder of all the benefits of practicing meditation. I am looking forward to future sessions.”

Anonymous Attorney


"To be proficient in meditation and mindfulness and achieve deeper and prolonged results, it's helpful to have experienced teachers. Cynthia and Becky provided just that and I found it very helpful to have a guided experience, and to hear from others on this reflective journey."

Loved One of Attorney, Meditation Retreat Participant

"I attended the Mindfulness for Lawyers webinar, 'Practicing Law in a COVID-19 World.'

This was the first time I heard the term “zoom fatigue.” Finally, someone put into words what I was experiencing but unable to articulate since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt burnt out with computer usage, unable to focus. 

Hearing someone thoughtfully articulate this concept to me helped me realize I was not alone in my experiences. Naming what we are experiencing is powerful. During this webinar, I also learned ways to cultivate daily gratitude, which I have been carrying with me since the webinar.

Becky Howlett has helped me both personally and professionally by teaching me to become more present in my daily live, without judgment of myself. I have been doing my best to find small ways to practice mindfulness ever since."

Jacqueline Patton, Staff Attorney, Eviction Defense Collaborative, San Francisco

"Starting a meditation practice can feel daunting, but Becky and Cindy know how to keep it simple and still deliver depth.  They have created a supportive community that helps build consistency and skills, with a lightness of heart that we all need."

Katie Harpstrite, Attorney and Owner of Vast Yoga


"I have found this summer’s Legal Burnout Solution: Mindfulness Community sessions to be quite useful. The regularity of the sessions is helpful in enforcing a schedule so meditation actually happens. I appreciate the prompt start of the sessions and the care taken to avoid running over time. Cynthia and Becky are great at minimizing the preliminary remarks and getting right to the meditation instruction."

Federal Litigation Attorney, Seattle, WA

"I've never meditated before and was a little skeptical, but after one session with Cindy and Becky, I was hooked. I love how they work together, with Cindy giving the introduction about the week's theme and Becky leading the guided meditation.

Their voices are soothing, yet enthusiastic, and their insights are spot-on. It only takes about 15 minutes of your time three times a week. The sessions are even recorded, so if you miss a session and want to catch up (or if you just want to review a session), you can watch them that way."

Carole Levitt, Owner, Internet For Lawyers/CLE Speaker/ABA author

"First I wanted to share that at the end of May I had been talking to my therapist on the phone and feeling like I had been doing my best, but I had this low-level anxiety pretty much all the time. I just wanted to feel at peace. I wanted to feel safe in my body. So she said (for like the hundredth time) that I needed to start a regular meditation practice.

I had tried meditating in the past, but had trouble sticking with it. So she said just think about it. If you want to/are ready to, you'll start. I kid you not, 10 mins after that call I saw Becky's post for the online meditation community on LinkedIn. I'm really in to synchronicity, so I thought, well this is it. If I really want to start doing this, here's my opportunity.

I also started doing HIIT workouts the same week I started the online meditation community. There was a huge shift in energy almost immediately, and I found the more I did one or the other, they actually reinforced each other. Mind-body connection! So I really feel that this has helped me start a consistent practice. I'm not at peace all the time, but I am at peace a lot more of the time. Thank you both for creating this group!"

Anonymous Attorney