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Lawyer Retreats

Mindfulness-Based Wellness Retreats for Attorneys

Your health is your wealth. A strong foundation of well-being is an essential component to our success and fulfillment as attorneys and human beings. Our programming is designed to help lawyers protect themselves from burnout and secondary trauma, and ultimately implement sustainable, positive change in their law practice and life. We offer Attorney Well-Being Retreats, as well as Trauma-Informed Legal Practice Training. Contact us today to discuss your organization's needs and schedule a customized program!

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Lawyer Well-Being Retreats

Wellness Strategies for the Modern Law Firm


Cynthia Sharp, Esq.

(609) 923-1017

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical need to prioritize employee health as an essential element of law firms’ standard business practice. Overall, prioritizing well-being initiatives is key for maintaining high performance, retention, and recruitment. Our mindfulness-based Attorney Well-Being Retreat is designed to help lawyers achieve peak performance by focusing on four central aspects of our overall wellness:

•  Mental Health;

•  Physical Health;

•  Healthy Communication; and

•  Professional Health.

Our Retreat programming combines lecture, short written exercises, small and large group discussion, and interactive mindfulness training. Ultimately, Retreat participants will gain the following tools:

•  Holistic Health Assessment;

•  Individualized Mini Well-Being Plan;

•  Mindfulness Meditation Techniques; and

•  Complimentary 1-Hour Virtual Follow-up Meeting.

Mindful Ethics: About Me
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Resilient Representation

Tools for Trauma-Informed Legal Practice


Cynthia Sharp, Esq.

(609) 923-1017

This comprehensive training offers essential guidance on strategies to implement a trauma-informed law practice. Through five detailed modules, participants will explore critical topics such as understanding trauma, building empathy, prioritizing attorney well-being, and cultivating strategies to avoid re-traumatizing clients.

Emphasizing interactive learning, participants will gain practical means to incorporate trauma-informed strategies into your law practice with increased awareness, sensitivity, and mindfulness for our clients, colleagues, and ourselves:

  • Enhanced Understanding: Gain insight into trauma's impact on both clients and legal practitioners.

  • Improved Client Relationships: Develop empathy and communication skills to foster connection with traumatized clients.

  • Personal and Professional Resilience: Learn self-care strategies to enhance personal well-being and ethical representation.

  • Effective Legal Practice: Acquire techniques to prevent re-traumatizing clients and create supportive legal environments, leading to increased trust and success in legal cases.

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ABA GPSolo eReport

Attorneys Becky Howlett and Cynthia Sharp's monthly column in the American Bar Association's GPSolo eReport focuses on all aspects of attorney wellness and the real-life challenges of practicing law, including substance use, mental health, civility, and implicit bias.

We believe that generating open and honest conversations, including sharing our own personal struggles with mental health and addiction, will encourage others to seek needed help, as well as promote cultural change within our profession.

Getting Serious About Attorney Burnout

We are committed to tackling head-on the pervasive, yet often normalized toxic trends in the legal profession, including epidemic levels of substance use and mental health concerns. We believe that by generating open and honest conversations, including sharing our own personal struggles, we will encourage others to seek needed help, as well as promote cultural change within our profession.

How to Make Time for Yourself

When we talk with attorneys about self-care, the constant refrain we hear is, “I just don’t have time.” But this isn’t “just the way it is”—we have a decision to make. By actively reframing our mindset about what we choose to spend our time on, we can realize significant positive benefits for our legal practice and overall well-being.

A Mindful Approach to Professionalism and Civility

Mutual respect is a critical aspect of being a successful attorney and person. Learn mindful ways to boost civil discourse and stay calm during stressful interactions.

Answering Legal Presents: A Guide To Lawyer Wellness

The Legal Burnout Solution brand is meant to represent the eternal flame or divine spark within each of us. The flame on our logo speaks to the journey of extinguishing burnout by neutralizing emotional reactivity and actively cultivating our ability to live mindfully.

Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Prioritize Your Well-Being

Many attorneys develop a bad habit of putting everyone else's needs before our own, which puts us at risk of burnout, as well as mental and physical illness. Protect yourself from lawyer burnout today. Learn simple tips to restore and preserve your well-being in your law practice and in life.

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