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Helping Attorneys Manage Stress in Challenging Times

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This initiative was born amidst the height of the global pandemic out of what can only be described as fate. Becky and Cindy met on Mar. 18, 2020 during a virtual CLE and immediately connected. Despite their difference in age, they quickly realized they shared similar stories of struggle in their legal careers and personal lives.

Yet despite these hardships, each had utilized meditation and mindfulness to overcome their respective challenges. For Cindy, it was alcoholism, for Becky, it was depression and anxiety that began in law school and followed her into practice. Both women have endured other profound traumas in their personal lives, and each suffered from occupational burnout in their legal careers.

What began as a simple idea to build an inclusive, mindful community dedicated to lawyer wellness, quickly took hold as a burning desire in each of their hearts and minds. As destiny would have it, Becky was about to be certified as a meditation teacher and The Legal Burnout Solution was born.

Within a few months of their virtual meeting, Becky and Cindy began offering mindfulness presentations on behalf of state and local bar associations. They were blown away when 234 attorneys registered for their very first program. In June 2020, they began offering free online meditation classes, which blossomed into a Community of more than 15 “regulars” participating from across the nation.

This powerful and overwhelming positive response further solidified their commitment to create purposeful programs and platforms designed to teach attorneys how to effectively manage their stress, improve their work environments, and ultimately prevent burnout.

We challenge you to take control of your future RIGHT NOW. Join us if you are ready to start making positive change. Email us at to schedule your FREE 30-min consultation.

Your future depends on you and the action you take TODAY.

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