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The Legal Burnout Solution Launches New ChatGPT CLE!

The Legal Burnout Solution Among the First to Offer CLE-Accredited Course on ChatGPT

Technology has become an intrinsic part of most attorneys’ law practices and our personal lives. Most of us can’t imagine a life without the Internet, computers, or smartphones. The youngest generation of attorneys won’t know a world without these modern forms of communication.

Indeed, our evolving relationship with technology is altering how we connect with the world around us. Despite the myriad benefits of technology in our modern lives, the digital space also presents new risks and challenges. Generative AI or Artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT has the potential to redefine how we approach the practice of law—and even what it means to be human.

Mindfully leveraging technology such as ChatGPT can help promote attorney wellbeing by providing lawyers with an effective means to help reduce workload and stress. Ultimately, harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT lends itself to more balanced work-life integration, including more time for self-care, family, and friends.

Join Attorneys Cynthia Sharp and Rebecca Howlett in this cutting-edge CLE Course exploring the benefits, pitfalls and potential ethical ramifications of incorporating ChatGPT into your legal practice.


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